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    Hoodrich Pablo Juan Dodged A Bullet

    Nowadays, rap stars can’t seem to keep themselves out of jail. With the daunting presence of police brutality, it’s clear that the justice system is rigged. Unfortunately, rap stars face years long sentences and mistreatment behind bars.

    Fortunately, organizations, famous stars and even politicians are improving conditions for inmates. They’re even offering them shorter jail sentences. 

    While rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan didn’t necessarily have any help from any public figures, he did win a plea deal in his Georgia RICO case. The rapper almost faced 15 years behind bars. Looks like he dodged a huge bullet. 

    Rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan Gets A Shorter Jail Sentence

    As mentioned before, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and his lawyer reached a plea deal in his Georgia RICO case. Furthermore, Juan originally faced a 15-year jail sentence. The rapper faced accusations of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that’s associated with the gang Rollin 20 Neighborhood Bloods. 

    Though, sources say the rapper will only have to serve time for five years. He’ll be on strict probation for the remaining 10 years, which will prohibit him from associating with gang members or carrying handguns. After securing a plea deal like that, probation should be a breeze for Juan. 

    The Music Doesn’t Stop

    At this point, the rapper has it made in the shade. His plea deal comes as a blessing, considering that the police arrested the former 1017 Eskimo signee back in October 2020 and denied bond. Making matters worse, he’s considered one of the 46 alleged co-conspirators that faced indictment on several counts of violations. Clearly, the rapper and others have a lot to answer for. 

    Despite all the charges against Juan, he’s still putting out new music. Since his incarceration in 2020, the rapper has dropped 3 new projects. Recently, Hoodrich Pablo Juan teamed up with Lil CJKasino for their Hoodrich Kasino project in March. Not even jail can stop a rapper from putting out new music. 

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