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    HOFer QB Brett Farve Benefits in a World of Double Standards

    While the media has utterly killed and destroyed the star PG for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving. It does seem to appear that many have either forgotten or allowed HOFer QB Brett Farve’s actions to fall by the bayside. Just a few months ago, Farve was caught stealing welfare checks and utilizing them for his own personal gain. Not to mention, it is the poorest state in the country. Meaning, he blatantly stole from the poorest people in the country for selfish reasons. Yet, he’s not been pushed to the forefront for his actions nor held accountable by most people’s standards.

    In fact, two drug companies have recently supported Farve’s business endeavors. Due to Farve’s history in the NFL, they believe his NFL connections and the known effectiveness of the drugs allow them to continue their partnership.

    “Overstated their NFL connections and exaggerated the known effectiveness of their drugs during efforts to raise money,” reported Mark Fainaru-Wada for ESPN.

    The two companies that are backing Farve are Prevacus and PresolMD. These companies appear to be working on nasal sprays and creams that may help with concussions. However, these businesses are not only tied in with Farve they’re also tied in with league executives. It was reported that Prevacus reached out in an attempt to partner with the NFL. However, this was as far as the partnership going.

    Brett Farve Plays by Different Rules

    Nonetheless, many have swept what Farve has done under the rug while Irving still is paying for his actions. It begs one to ask the question:

    “Why has one person who legitimately broke the law and committed a federal crime still have access to all of his assets? While, in the same breath, a gentleman who shared a link to a hurtful documentary got blasted by the masses and pushed to the forefront?”

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