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    HOF QB Brett Farve Gets Exposed for Misconduct

    Hall of Fame QB Brett Farve is no stranger to being caught up in the media, however, never to this magnitude. Reporter Emily Wagster for AP News states there are been text messages leaked between Farve and former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. Farve was involved in receiving more than $1 million in welfare money to help fund one of his pet projects. Sadly, this is the reality w enow live in, the rich continue to get richer. This money could have been distributed to low-income families that needed it. Many may not know, but Mississippi remains to be one of the country’s poorest states, according to Friends Committee on National

    Sadly, this money is reported also to be distributed to the University of Southern Mississippi. Ironically, the governor and Farve both attended. The volleyball facility saw $5 million in renovations through a nonprofit group.

    “Newly released evidence shows Brett Favre and former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant diverted “at least $5 million of the state’s welfare funds” to construct a new volleyball arena for the University of Southern Mississippi, per @ayewolfe Favre’s daughter used to play for the team,” Bleacher Report tweeted.

    Is Brett Farve Utilizing White Privilege?

    While this is clearly unfair to many low-income households around Mississippi, this also speaks to the level of corruption amongst politicians. Many believe these politicians can be bought and bargained with for political leverage. However, often these individuals don’t get caught. Nor, do they have any reason to suspect they are cheating their way to the office. Yet, the truth prevailed and these messages were leaked leaving many people to only double down on their initial stance.

    “Just left Brett Farve,” Bryant texted New on July 16, 2019, misspelling the athlete’s last name. “Can we assist him with his project? Let’s schedule a meeting soon to discuss how I can ensure the smooth progress of your projects.” These messages were between Farve, Bryant, and executive director Nancy New. They all were in cahoots and executed a plan to excellence, sadly, at millions of people’s expense. The plan was well thought out and cerebral in others’ demise. At the moment, there haven’t been any issued consequences relating to the egregious acts by the HOF QB and the politicians.

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