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    Gunna’s Security Guard Knocks A Man’s Shoes Off His Feet

    With so many rappers and celebrities dying as of late, stars remain on the cautious side of things. Not to mention, their security teams seem more and more “aggressive” with their safety protocols. Recently, a Justin Bieber fan got kicked off stage during the singer’s performance after failing to nail a selfie with the Biebs. Most recently, Gunna’s bodyguard derailed a man in an effort to protect the rapper. Somehow the unknown man ended up losing his shoes in the process. Clearly, that bodyguard takes his job seriously.

                Gunna’s Bodyguard Bodyslams Man

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    Protecting celebrities has become a huge deal these days. Their security teams have especially made it a point to protect their clients at all cost. Even if that means a man has to lose his shoes.

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    This past weekend, Gunna shopped around for new man jewelry at Mr. Alew Jewelers in New York City. Unfortunately, him and his security detail ended up in an altercation with a male fan. In an effort to protect the rapper, his bodyguard bodyslams the man to the ground. In the viral video, the man ended up losing both his shoes. He tried to get up, barking at the guards to release him but they kept him restrained on the ground. Looks like Gunna doesn’t have to worry about anybody trying to sneak up on him at a jeweler store.

           The Fans Pay More Attention to Gunna’s Suit

    via Thirsty For News

    Rather than fans focusing on the epic bodyslam from Gunna’s bodyguard, everyone seemed more interested in the rapper’s suit. Furthermore, Gunna wore a purple and white striped suit to the jewelers. Fans couldn’t stop tweeting about how the rapper dressed like he was “crown royale” or looked as though he was “going to bed.” Apparently, Gunna’s form of dress had more importance here.


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