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    Tekashi 69 is Hiring Former Police As His Security.

    Tekashi 69 is hiring 22 former law enforcement officials to be his security team.

    In preparation for when he finally becomes a free man, Tekashi 69 is hiring former police and law enforcement as security. The rapper may need more protection than that if he indeed plans to stay in New York.

    6ix9ine spoke to TMZ about having to deactivate his profile and other measures he takes to prepare for freedom. Not know as someone who proceeds with caution, these moves are those suggested by his lawyer.

    Even before he came home on early release, the rumor was the Tekashi was planning to stay in New York. Many people, including one of his lawyers, don’t think that is a good idea given that he snitched on a New York-based gang.

    However, 69 says that he is staying in his hometown and will have his security team to keep him safe. Tekashi says that he is not afraid because he is hiring 22 former policemen and law officials to be his personal “secret service.”

    The team will have five bulletproof cars to chauffer their client around as he goes out and about the city.

    Tekashi 69 hiring former police officers to be his security is downright hilarious. Here is a kid who made who entire name by making a mockery of the establishment and now hiring people, who he knows has the proper training to protect him.  If that isn’t bad enough, he only needs protection because he is a snitch on the gang members he used to make him famous in the first place.

    Oh, the irony. What do you guys think about Tekashi 69 hiring former police officers to be his security team? Will that be enough to protect him from gang members seeking revenge?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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