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    Gucci Vs JEEZY Was The Verzuz Battle Hip-Hop Needed

    The Gucci Vs Jeezy Verzuz battle was a major moment in rap and exactly what Hip-hop needed.

    The Verzuz battle of Gucci Vs Jeezy was definitely the tensest battle ever, but also the best ever for the culture. The two emcees who have a well-known beef came together for an hour, it wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad either.

    Over 1.5 million people tuned into the Verzuz Sponspored battle between two former foes turned Rappers. Both Jeezy and Gucci are natives of Atlanta, and their past relationship resulted in Jeezy friend’s death.

    However, the two put their beef aside to give fans a show. Even if half of the people watching were rooting for something negative to happen, the fans wanted a show.

    It may not have been the spectacle some people were hoping for,  but it definitely had some moments that were uncomfortable.

    The most disturbing of these moments was when Gucci played his song “Truth” in which he brags about Killing Jeezy’s homie. Of course the best part of the night came right after this and fans expected it when Jeezy stood up.

    While it may not have been the reaction fans wanted it was the reaction that was needed. The Gucci Vs Jeezy battle was a representation of so many Ills within our society. Instead of continuing to live in ignorance and encourage violence, Jeezy chooses to be a man.

    Everything about Jeezy and Gucci energies was different and because of that Jeezy won. He won because instead of pretending like he is still in the streets on some hood sh**, he was who he is today. A millionaire, trying to make so more money and promote his album, and you have to respect that.

    Let us know who you think won the Gucci Vs Jeezy Verrzuz battle in the comments.

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