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    Green Lantern TV News; Arrowverse & HBO Max

    Green Latern TV News; Arrowverse & HBO Max

    Green Lantern
    DC’s & Warner Bros. failed Green Lantern live action film starting Ryan Reynolds.

    Unfortunately, with the Failed Green Lantern movie starting Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Green Lantern has been out of the spotlight save for the animated series and appearances on Young Justice. Now, that enough time has passed, it appears the idea to explore that character on the small screen is alive and well. 

    Arrowverse Green Lanterns

    Arrowverse Green Lanterns

    John Diggle Storyline

    John Diggle’s character was a completely new character made for Arrow. Additionally, Diggle was not connected to any other comic book character. But that changed. Originally, John Diggle as Green Lantern was first teased on Flash, Crisis on Infinite Earths. There, Jay Garrick asked John about his ring. Of course, fans jumped all over this scene knowing what they were referring to.

    Arrowverse, Diggle is John Stewart?
    During, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jay Garrick played by Wesley Ship teased that Diggle may be Green Lantern in another timeline. Screencap via CW’s The Flash

    During the Arrow series finale, Diggle finds the ring after a meteor lands nearby. As, Diggle was moving to Montropolis for his new job with A.R.G.U.S. Below, in that final scene, Diggle opens a box with a green glow. Obviously, they don’t show the ring for legal purposes with contract limitations but it is that scene. 

    Initially, Diggle refused the ring. However, on Flash, “P.O.W.” episode, Diggle says he can’t ignore it any longer. Now, it appears he has accepted his destiny as a galactic gardian.

    David Ramsey as John Diggle Stewart. 

    Regarding that Green Lantern journey, David Ramsey spoke with regarding how his character will play out on TV.

    “He’s keeping a secret, which we revealed on Batwoman. He experiences headaches and seeks medical help for them. The decision he made regarding what he saw in the box has repercussions. We’re now delving into his cosmic and galactic destiny through this crossover storyline.”

    Later, that story will be explored on the four episode cross-over arc spanning three shows on Superman & Lois, Batwoman, and Supergirl which will finally give us our Green Latern in the Arrowverse. But, how much with Arrowverse go into that story since DC will be unleashing a Green Lantern Corps series with HBO Max?

    Stargirl’s Season two teases Jade 

    DC Comics, Warner Brothers
    Green Lantern’s Jade daughter of Alan Scott will appear on Stargirl season 2. DC Comics, Warner Brothers

    Of course, Stargirl will return for season 2. Apparently, the Season 2 trailer has teased the arrival of Jennifer-Lynn Hayden/Jade (Ysa Penarejo), the daughter of original Green Lantern Alan Scott. Additionally, season 2 of Stargirl will premiere on Tuesday, August 10th at 8/7c on The CW.

    Green Lantern Corps, HBO Max

    Excitingly, HBO Max has ordered 10-1 hour long episodes for their new series, Green Lantern Corps whose premise will begin on Earth in 1941. HBO Max’s series is co-written and executive produced by Greg Berlanti, known for his work on the other arrowverse shows. Also, Seth Grahame-Smith and Marc Guggenheim, with Grahame-Smith serving as showrunner. Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, and David Katzenberg as executive producer, with Elizabeth Hunter and Sara Saedi all share credits for producing. 



    First, Finn Wittrock will star as Guy Gardner, cocky alpha male and product of 1980s patriotism. 

    Green Lantern TV News

    Then, Jeremy Irvine has been casted as the secretly gay FBI agent Alan Scott.

    Alan Scott
    plays Alan Scott in the HBO Series, Green Lantern Corps. Dc Comics

    Finally, Tobias Menzies has been casted as Thaal Sinestro.


    Green Lantern Corps, TV show on HBO Max will feature many Lanterns as it explores the. Of the Lantern guardians featured will include Alan Scott, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog and more. According to DC Comics, Green Lantern Corps will span  decades. The charcters will be in it for the long haul. So, fans can expect many Green Lantern characters to be featured and tell their stories. 


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