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    Alternate Trailer for Titans Season 3

    Alternate Trailer for Titans Season 3

    HBO Max released an alternate trailer for Titans season 3 and it’s heavily focused on Bruce Wayne and his Robin wards with a foreshadow towards Jason Todd. Check out my previous article for easter eggs revealed in the trailer.

    Alternate Trailer for Titans Season 3

    The trailer focuses on Bruce’s parenting style or lack of parenting using fear to train his Robins. Dick Grayson is talking with a counselor to work through his trama as he settles into his identity of Nightwing. With the warning to protect the next Robins from that same fate.

    Alternate trailer
    Alternate trailer has been released for Titans season 3 as we near August. Red Hood Via screenshot HBO MAX YouTube trailer

    “Be a Better Batman.”

    Jump ahead to present, Red Hood is killing of criminals and Dick goes after him. Of course, this takes place after Batman quit and after learning that Jason Todd died at the hands of Joker. Batman felt that he failed Jason. Remember, in  season 2, Bruce was struggling with Jason Todd and reached out to Dick to help him with Jason.

    Season 2: Jason Todd’s Arc & Feeling Abandoned

    Jason was cast out by Bruce and then he couldn’t find his fit with Titans. Then, he was abducted by Deathstroke, tied to a chair with explosives and hung over a skyscraper where he falls. Fortunately, he is saved by Connor (205 “Deathstroke” )

    Jason Todd
    Jason Todd falls to death but is saved by Connor in season 2. In the alternate trailer of Titans season 3, it is clear the impact these events have on the young Robin. Screenshot HBO Max

    PTSD from Deathstoke’s abduction of him

    Unfortunately, Jason Todd still suffers from PTSD constantly reliving the events in his head. He is accused by the rest of the Titans for planting items manipulating the emotions of the team. He leaves Titans Tower once again feeling cast out but begins a relationship with Rose, daughter of Deathstroke and plant in the Titans (207, “Bruce Wayne,” 209, “Atonement”)

    Betrayed again but by the one he loves

    alternate trailer for Titans season 3
    After being betrayed by Rose in season 3, Jason Todd is tired of being used, accused, and abandoned. In the alternate trailer for Titans season 3, he events lead him to choose a different path. Via Screenshot HBO Max

    Rose admits to Jason that she was a plant for Deathstroke  because of what happened to Jericho. Jason feels betrayed and feels used despite having real feelings for Rose. He leaves her and heads out on his own, which is where we find him in season 3 (212, faux Hawk)

    Now, feeling abandoned by both Batman and the Titans and Rose, Jason Todd goes out on his own. What happens next sets both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson on their respective paths and things will be changed in a dramatic way for both Batman and the Titans.

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