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    From Garage Band to Producing for Drake: The Rise of Jarom Su’a, the Teenage Music Prodigy

    At just 15 years old, Samoan producer Jarom Su’a has become a rising force in the music industry through his inclusion on Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” with the track “7am on Bridle Path.” Some fans speculate that the song takes a jab at Kanye West. The album broke Spotify’s record for most streams in 24 hours upon its release, generating millions of streams.

    So, who is Jarom Su’a? His father’s family hails from Samoa and Mexico, while his mother’s family has roots in Argentina and Italy. Currently a sophomore in high school in Florida, Jarom has always had a passion for music. It was when he discovered a song by Timbaland at the age of 10 that he became captivated by rhythm and began exploring music production. With the support of his family, he started off using Garage Band and later upgraded to FL Studio for more advanced capabilities.

    Over the past four years, Jarom has honed his unique production style, leading to collaborations with renowned musicians. Despite his young age, he has contributed to several songs on the Billboard charts. Jarom’s ability to offer fresh perspectives on familiar tracks sets him apart as a producer.

    Jarom’s success at such a young age speaks volumes about his talent and dedication to music. His future in the industry looks promising, and we eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects. His journey serves as an inspiration that anyone, regardless of age, can achieve their goals with hard work, commitment, and support. We look forward to witnessing the next steps of this promising young musician, Jarom Su’a.

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