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    Rihanna Surely Has That Good Good

    For the better part of a decade, Rihanna has been one of the hottest chicks in the world of music. The artist has continued to evolve outside of music. Overall, Fenty beauty by Rihanna is in high demand.

    Rihanna is back to her thirst trapping courtesy of Instagram. The singer/entrepreneur has always had a beautiful body. However, in the recent year, the singer has decided to put on some weight to a slim figure. In return, plenty of people are appreciative of the images. Surely  dropping photos on social media is no coincidence.

    Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

    Overall, the bad girl is promoting her new lingerie line. One of her recent phots reflects yellow lace undergarments, along with stockings. In addition, the “Umbrella” singer confirmed that new merchandise drops tomorrow.

    Furthermore, Riri revealed her line at a pop-up shop in Paris on May 24th. Several days later the new merchandise went online on May 29th.

    In conclusion, what is your take on Fenty beauty by Rihanna? Would you personally buy it, or buy it for someone else?

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