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    EXCLUSIVE: Meet DJ ECool The People’s Favorite DJ

    DJ Ecool is probably one of the most multi-faceted DJ’s taking the urban industry by storm. Along with being an impeccable turntablist, you can also refer to him as an accomplished Producer, Actor, emcee, as well as a Comedian.

    His music endeavors have led him to collaborate with the likes of artists including Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh, D’Banj, WizKid, and many others.

    Traveling across the nation, and even overseas to connect with different masses and showoff his notable technique for blending Afrobeats with Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, & top 40, Cool can successfully say he’s been quite busy this year. His social media following has increased his presence online, bringing more fans who catch wind of DJ ECool’s vivacious sound to the dance floor where he’s currently rooted– Atlanta, holding residencies at Lions Lounge, Elleven 45, & Eden Lounge. Recently, he dropped of a collab featuring Caribbean artists Danagog and Selasi titled “Give Dem”. The vibe is very reminiscent of his native roots and has been making noise in the Spotify playlists.

    HYPFRESH’s own Niyah Nel had the opportunity to chat with DJ Cool and get a little deeper into his artistry. Tune in below for their dialogue:

    Where are you originally from and how did your environment influence your creativity coming up?

    I’m originally from Nigeria and my environment is a big influence in my music because i was raised there and it molded my musical tastes and ambitions over the years.

    Was music something you’d say you gravitated to early on, being that you’re more than a DJ?

    Yes, mainly because my family is musically inclined. I knew it was something that I was going to be involved in from an early age; the music industry as a whole rather than just being a DJ.

    Talk about your roots and how you approach your music because of it.

    My upbringing is based heavily on culture and as an African, culture comes way before anything else which in return creates the richness of the music and finds culture playing heavily into the sounds.

    What are some of things that people would say are distinctive about DJ ECool and his sound?

    I’m a very vibrant person. I love to exert a lot of energy when I work. When people hear my music, including the new single “Give Dem”, they know it’s built around high energy.

    How does social media impact your craft?

    Social media is a major factor for me. Social media allows you to stay on top of and insert yourself into trends happening online which I in turn use to elevate my career. I’ve actually created my own trend recently which is the check it out!

    What type of music genres do you blend and how do you interact with your audience through that sound?

    I pretty much blend all genres…I love diversity, whether it’s hip-hop, pop, rock, afro beats, dancehall, reggae. It all gives me energy and I transfer that energy to the people.

    Talk about your latest track “Give Dem” featuring Danagog x Selasi

    “Give Dem” is pretty much an Afro-Caribbean merge. The record was originally supposed to be DJ ECool feat Danagog but then I thought to record the song in Selasi’s studio. Everyone vibed in the studio, one thing lead to another and Selasi was on the song.

    Can we expect more music from DJ ECool the artist this year?

    Yes you will be hearing more very soon. I’ve been back in the studio working.

    How can fans reach you?

    …much love

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