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    Evan Peters Acceptance Speech for Netflix’s Monster Ignores The Families of Dahmer’s Victims

    Though Evan Peters did mention in his acceptance speech for the Netflix show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story that the production “was a difficult one to make” as well as “a difficult one to watch,” it wasn’t enough to pacify the growing backlash against the project.

    Many of the relatives of Dahmer’s victims have been outraged since the release of the show. They claim that they were not asked permission nor fairly compensated for their story to be used. Many took to Twitter to express their outrage, and some relatives have even been interviewed.

    It’s absolutely wild to witness my cousin reliving an emotional breakdown in court, facing the man who tortured and murdered her brother. It’s just wild.

    — eric. (@ericthulhu) September 22, 2022

    So when they claim they’re doing this “respecting the victims” or “honoring the families’ dignity,” they never reach out. Every few months, my cousins wake up to countless calls and messages, knowing there’s yet another Dahmer show. It’s just cruel.

    — eric. (@ericthulhu) September 23, 2022

    Set off in a viral Twitter thread by Eric Perry, a relative of Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey, the series has been accused of profiting off of the trauma suffered by those Dahmer murdered — many LGBTQ+ people of color — and those who survive them.

    — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

    Even some non-family members think the whole thing is odd. Yet, many are concerned about “cancel culture.” Those speaking out against the program worry about being scapegoated. It is interesting that Dahmer himself probably never worried about getting canceled!

    Please don’t cancel me, but I feel like Evan Peters could have at least acknowledged the victims in his acceptance speech… I’m a little disappointed, especially considering the backlash and feedback from real-life family members of the victims. #goldenglobes

    — Sophie Ross (@SophRossss) January 11, 2023

    Though it will not bring their loved ones back, Niecy Nash’s portrayal of Jeffrey’s neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, helps illustrate the humanity of those whom Jeffrey tortured. Niecy’s work in this show is a touchstone to some of the deeper messages of the project. The show isn’t perfect, but it is popular! 196 million hours were viewed the first week!


    1. I agree, that was pretty rude and inconsiderate, but really, what do you expect out of people who make money off of other people’s misfortunes. Nothing new under the sun these days. Sadly.

      May all of Dahmer’s victims, rest in perfect peace!

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