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    ESPN Analyst Richard Jefferson: ‘I Think This is a Joke’

    On June 3 ESPN analyst and former NBA champion Richard Jefferson went on air and expressed himself throughout a two-minute rant. Prior to the NBA Finals, the NBA network always does a pre-show. However, one of the subjects that were being spoken about touched Jefferson’s heart. In fact, so much that he proceeds to stand up out of his chair before beginning his rant to emphasize his passion behind it. Jefferson speaks his mind about the future of the NBA and how much is transitioned since he’s played in the NBA.

    “Professional sports are not good for your body. It’s supposed to separate the people that can do it from the people that can’t do it… Part of greatness is longevity… I think this is a joke.”

    Is Richard Jefferson Right About the NBA Becoming Soft?

    Much older generation NBA fans tend to believe that the game of basketball has widely gotten softer over time. However, what many fail to realize is that while the rules may have been adjusted and shifted for certain styles of players. This era of NBA basketball is much more skilled and faster than it ever was when these individuals watched, played, and experienced basketball. Now the game is a different entirely. While this doesn’t negate the question at hand, “Is the NBA becoming soft?”, this doesn’t mean two things can’t be true.

    While the physical aspect of the game has dissipated over time. One must take into consideration that the level and quality of basketball have increased. Not to mention, the games are much more enjoyable to watch. It seems when teams enter the playoffs the NBA referees tend to let the teams play. In fact, many questioned were they allowing them to play too much at times. In the Minnesota Timberwolves and Memphis Grizzlies series, bodies continually went flying all around the court. Cole Huff for USA Today reported that star players were at high risk of not being able to advance and help their teams to the next round.

    NBA refs called 20 fouls in in the first quarter of Grizzlies-Timberwolves and fans were not happy

    All in all, while the game may have become safer, it also has become more enjoyable. Many people look at today’s game as if it ruined the game of basketball when in reality, the game of basketball they may have liked was ruined. However, a new form of basketball has grown and flourished.

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