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    ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith Threatens New York Giants Tiki Barber

    Stephen A. Smith Criticizes the New York Giants

    ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith and former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber are engaged in a heated feud, as reported by ESPN. The disagreement started when Smith accused the Giants organization of being racist for never hiring a Black head coach. Smith continued to criticize the team, expressing doubt in their statements during the fallout involving Brian Flores. However, Smith made an incorrect statement as there are 13 other NFL teams that have also not hired a Black head coach. Barber defended the Giants, highlighting his personal interaction with Wellington Mara and questioning the credibility of Smith’s sources.

    “I can’t confidently assert like Stephen A., who has no personal connections within the Giants’ organization, that they are a racist organization,” Barber stated on his WFAN show recently. “I would never make such a claim.”

    Stephen A. fired back on Monday, claiming that he had damaging information about Barber, but he wouldn’t publicly disclose it out of goodwill.

    “Tiki, you have no idea who I’m connected with,” he stated on First Take. “I’ve been a journalist for nearly three decades. I have insights about you that I’ll never reveal because I choose to be respectful. Take it easy, be cautious, and know who you’re dealing with. That’s all I have to say.”

    Smith’s past beef with New York athletes

    Smith’s previous on-air threats to a New York athlete led to a prolonged feud lasting almost a decade. In October 2015, Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant was targeted by Smith’s false reporting about his move to the Los Angeles Lakers. Many believe Durant, out of resentment, joined the Golden State Warriors instead.

    Smith warned, “You don’t want to be on my bad side.”

    The ongoing exchange between these individuals resumed amidst the apparent decline of the Brooklyn Nets. The team’s dysfunction has become increasingly evident as their losing streak continues. Unfortunately, Durant’s mother intervened due to the verbal sparring.

    In a tweet directed at Smith, Durant’s mother expressed her frustration: “Here you go again with your negative narrative and baiting comments. When will you improve? And when will we tire of this foolishness?”

    Acknowledging her assessment, Smith apologized, responding, “Yes, Ma’am! I’m sorry!!!”


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