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    Emotional Intelligence: Being More Cognitive In Relationships

    There is no doubt that emotional intelligence is the key to long-lasting relationships, but what is emotional intelligence? How does one achieve it? Emotional intelligence basically means that one is cognitive of their actions and how it may affect others. Maintaining emotional intelligence in new, and existing relationships is important. Not only is it important, it takes work. Although trust and commitment are two key components of successful relationships, other attributes weigh in heavy on the results of making relationships last.

    Emotional Intelligence In New and Existing Relationships

    Already in a relationship? Relationships come with challenges of course, but do we know how to cope with those challenges? There are many ways to build emotionally intelligent relationships. According to HelpGuide, vigilant active awareness to apprise what works and what doesn’t work help build security in relationships. Another factor is acknowledging and dealing with emotions that have the potential to damage a relationship if ignored. Being communicative about problems will help promote security into existing relationships. Respecting all the feelings you have for one another also ensures a long lasting relationship. Keep the laughter alive! Laughing releasing good chemicals in the body. When one’s internal chemistry is sound, this contributes to a healthy relationship.

    couple bickering
    Image of a young couple sitting on the sofa at home, not interacting with each other after a disagreement.

    So you’ve met the perfect person and you want to take things a bit further. Understanding emotional intelligence in a potential relationship is the key ingredient to building a healthy, loving relationship or friendship. Understanding what love is means to understand how to approach a new relationship. According to Good Therapy, Eros means an intimate, passionate, sexual kind of love. Philia refers to a deep friendship kind of love and Storgē is a familial kind of love. The core of a healthy relations starts with a solid friendship. Deep respect and communication matter most when two people decide to take things to the next level.

    Knowing strengths and weaknesses are paramount in existing relationships and new relationships. With the right amount of effort, emotional intelligence can be successfully achieved.


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