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    Eminem’s New Song Surfaces Online

    Eminem’s new song surfaces online. It seems as though Em has found no musical sin too grievous to commit after returning from his hiatus. His music features a wide range. From the accent-riddled horror-core of Relapse and Recovery to the angry project Kamikaze. The lyrical acrobatics and classic rock-sampling production weren’t the worst Eminem we’ve heard. Though they do seem to have robbed him of some of his magic.

    Eminem’s New Song Surfaces Online

    His latest singles are clear attempts to reinvigorate this phase of his career. Yet they fail on almost every front. His production feels dated and formulaic, and his rapping remains uninspired and tired. Even when he’s laying into his critics, his attacks lack depth and conviction.

    The most troublesome aspect of this record is how little it reveals Em‘s evolution as an artist. He still addresses the same issues he had when he first emerged in the mid-2000s. His own demons, his family, his struggle with addiction, his G.O.A.T. status, blah blah blah!

    A Revenge Manifesto?

    A true revitalization of his career would see him tackling these themes with a broader perspective and more depth. Instead, he appears stuck in the same spiraling loop of rage. Look at his surprise drop of Kamikaze last summer. He lashed out at fans for not liking his music, only to sound petty and childish while making more boring music.

    The other major problem with this release is that it, like always as of late, simply isn’t a good listen. The production is muddy and buried underneath the rapper’s muddled vocals. His lyrics are largely inaudible and uninteresting, making for another waste of music.

    He also seems to be constantly starting and stopping his flow, resulting in some of the most corny lines I’ve ever heard him spit on a record.I’m all for calling out the injustices of the world, but if you’re going to do so, it should be done in a way that’s compelling and persuasive. This record is neither.

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