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    El Chapo Wife Headed For Reality TV????

    Mrs. El Chapo may be the newest member of VH1’s Cartel crew!!!

    Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of Mexcian Cartel leader and drug lord El Chapo could be a reality tv star. TMZ broke the story that Aispuro was in Miami to meet with Micheal Blanco. Blanco who is the son of former drug lord Griselda Blanco was maybe trying to do some convincing.

    The youngest Blanco Child is currently a Star On VH1’s Cartel Crew. A show that highlights the lives of children of cartel members who are now trying to build an identity outside of the family business.  Sources say That Aispuro and Blanco met to discuss if  Mrs. El Chapo Would Join the show.El Chapo Wife Headed-1

    In the photos on TMZ’s website, the imagery is rather Mob-esqe. As Aispuro is pictured standing on her Yacht surrounded by bodyguards dressed in black. Blanco is seen pulling up in a smaller boat with his baby mama and two other passengers. Hence, the whole scene looks more like a drug deal than a potential Tv Deal but no drugs were being discussed.

    El Chapo is currently serving a life sentence here in the states. However, that doesn’t mean his cartel has shut things down in his absence. Just a last month the Chapo family made the news when chaos struck out in Mexico. Ovido Guzman Lopez, El Chapo’s son was arrested and all hell broke loose as a result.

    The Cartel Responded by Kidnapping Police and soldiers forcing the release of Lopez to stop the violence.

    In this case, Emma Aispuro doesn’t appear to be involved in any of her husband’s business. However, it will be interesting to see just how much she can share seeing the cartel is still active. Even more, the fact that her husband’s children are still directly involved with the Cartel will be a big security concern one could guess.

    What do you guys think? Will Emma Aispuro be the newest member of the reality tv show? Or was this meeting just a cover-up for a drug deal?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments!!!

    Lastly, Kepp visiting the site for all your news, gossip, and entertainment needs!!!

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