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    “Eazy” Analysis: Kimye Breakup Reveals Outdated Gender Dynamic

    What Ye Deserves

    Kim K. was able to use the final season of her family’s reality television show to express how she felt about her and Ye’s marriage officially coming to an end.

    “After turning 40 this year I realized, I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state!” Kardashian continued, “I have all the big things! I have the extravagant everything you could possibly imagine.”

    It’s the Little Things

    Ye and Kardashian both epitomize glitz and glam, but Kardashian says she lacks the “little things”.

    Kardashian says that she seeks “pure happiness”. She added, “So that’s what I’m working on, figuring out how to get there.”

    Ye has also expressed his feelings by utilizing his own media platforms. The rapper debuted a music video for his track “Eazy” featuring clay figures engaging in violent actions. Many argue that the music video is an example of stalking or even domestic abuse. The video seems to reflect an ongoing internal dilemma Ye struggles with regarding his career in hip-hop and his dreams for his family’s future. The night before the 2020 Met Gala, Ye expressed his discontent with Kardashian and her team’s plan for her event outfit. Specifically, Ye was not pleased with Kardashian’s calculated choice to wear a corset to the fashion event.

    “You are my wife, and it affects me when pictures are too sexy,” Ye argued. “I recently went through a ‘transition’ in my career as a rapper. I used to compare my wife to other women who flaunted their bodies, thinking she should be like them. But I didn’t realize the negative impact it had on my soul and spirit, especially as a married person.”

    Creating the outfit wasn’t easy. Kardashian and her team had worked for almost an entire year to get the completed look. She also emphasized that she is not necessarily in the same place as Ye. In fact, she is on a personal journey of self-actualization.

    Kardashian also mentioned, “[Ye] needs someone who can fully support him, travel with him everywhere, and relocate to Wyoming. Unfortunately, I’m unable to do that!”

    For the most part, the Kardashians are a business-oriented family. Kim Kardashian might be the perfect hypothetical fit to be the other half of Ye’s fantasy power couple, but maybe Ye does not really want to be in a power couple. Kardashian might intuit that Ye wants a wife in much the same way that Travis Scott chose Kylie Jenner to mother his children over his previous romantic partner’s like Rihanna who was too busy to follow the rapper on tour.



    1. Why bother getting married, if all you really want to focus on is your “self”? No one forced them to get married (or maybe they did, who knows).!?! The whole concept of marriage is self sacrifice, putting your partner’s needs before your own, for the sake of the union. When you are less focused on the self and more focused on the partnership, then you can reach a more healthy compromise, and no one will feel like he/she is “missing out” on the things deep down. If this version of marriage, does not fit your personal goals, then don’t get married! And, don’t tell me that Ye did not embrace the way Kim looked and dressed before he chose to marry her- I am certain this was one of the “attributes” that he fell in love with. Seems like he might have that “Madonna vs. whore” issue. Beauty is skin deep and looks fade. If there is no glue to hold things together better, then it will break. I mean, isn’t that the goal anyway- to destroy the family unit? But what do you expect from those living in Babylon?

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