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    Donald Trump Takes To Twitter Demanding Reparation

    The outspoken leader of the free world has already started campaigning for his second term. Somehow he believes that the election process is not necessary for the upcoming Presidential race.

    The controversial President has full intentions of staying in office for another term. Overall, Trump is arguing people are overlooking his work because of “Fake News” media. Furthermore, Trump believes that people should be more appreciative of his actions after unofficially being cleared of colluding with Russian officials. After Robert Muller’s investigation came to a close, the special counsel did not produce enough evidence to build a solid case against Trump.

    Donald Trump Reparation

    Things have become more interesting since a religious leader by the name of Jerry Falwell Jr. shared some words. Above all, he took to Twitter demanding that Trump receives some time of “reparation.”  He went on claiming that Mr. 45 had time taken away from his time in an office surrounding “corrupt failed coup.” It wasn’t long before Trump decided to weigh-in on the Tweet, agreeing with Falwell Jr. on the statement.

    At the moment Trump is facing an uphill battle in the office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is urging Democrats to win during the next election.  Hence, last week a CNN poll reflected that some Democratic candidates would beat Trump in a head-to-head contest. In addition, it was recently announced that former Vice President of the Obama Administration, Joe Biden would be running.  As a result, since hearing the news, Trump has already targeted a verbal assault on the politician.

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