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    Doja Cat Fan Makes A Bomb Threat To Beat The Lines

    Everyone knows that celebrity fans can get a little haywire sometimes. Though, there’s a difference between overzealous and just downright crazy. Recently, one fan became rather impatient while waiting outside to get inside to a free Doja Cat concert. Rather than complaining about it like most people would do, the fan made a bomb threat. Apparently, Doja Cat’s concert was already off to a bad start.

    Doja Cat Fan Makes A Bomb Threat

    bomb threat
    via The FADER

    Doja Cat’s concerts can be known for their high energy and enthusiasm. Though, they can get a bit hectic sometimes. This past Saturday, one such fan decided that in order to beat the lines to a Doja Cat concert, he had to make a bomb threat. According to TMZ, fans waited for the concert to start, ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in Indianapolis. However, things came to a screeching halt when police evacuated the area for 20 minutes straight in order to find the bomb and denotate it. 

    However, no bomb was found. Deputy Joshua Barker from IndyStar revealed, “A fan who wanted to move ahead in line made a highly misguided decision and claimed to have a bomb in his backpack, informing those around him. Fortunately, someone did the responsible thing and notified the IMPD. Upon inspection, the backpack was found to be clear.” It seems the fan’s elaborate plan fell apart. Additionally, the police apprehended the individual and pressed charges for existing warrants. This incident will undoubtedly make him reconsider making such threats in the future.

    The Trouble Didn’t Stop There

    bomb threat
    via Infosurhoy

    Unfortunately, fan trouble didn’t stop withthe  man threatening to bomb up Doja Cat’s concert. Apparently, Doja Cat herself temporarily stopped her performance when two fans started fighting. By the star providing a free concert ahead of a major football playoff between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia, it would occur to people to act on their best behavior.


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