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    Doja Cat Apologizes To Guitarist For Stealing Song Sample

    Musicians sample songs from other artists all the time. Most do it out of pure admiration and those artists are given the credit they deserve, but not always. Hip-hop newcomer Doja Cat recently landed herself in a world of trouble after sampling a snippet off of Australian guitarist Plini’s song “Handmade Cities.” Though the details surrounding Plini’s snippet found in Doja Cat’s MTV European Music Awards performance show that she isn’t the one to blame.

    Plini Demands Credit For Song Sample

    It’s unsettling for any artists to see their work being used without their given consent. Recently, Plini’s fans found similarities between “Handmade Cities” and the snippets used in Doja Cat’s “Say So” live performance. The fans were more outraged than the Australian guitarist himself. Plini found the whole ordeal rather comical. He even credited it as the “strangest occurrence” that’s happened in his career. Nice to see that he has a sense of humor about it. The “Impulse Voices” guitarist praised Doja Cat’s live performance at the MTV EMA but expressed his disappointment at the “lack of proper credit given.” At least, give the man a shoutout Doja Cat!

    In further investigation of the controversary, Plini later revealed that the Musical director behind Doja Cat’s heavy metal “Say So” performance is at fault. Plini explains that the Musical Director sampled his song “Handmade Cities” and the band about it. “They thought it was cool to sample the riff in the live performance . . . And then it eventually made its way to Doja Cat,” Plini explained. The “Say So” rapper wasn’t at all made aware of the origins of that song sample. Plini now says the whole ordeal is an “honest mistake” on Doja Cat’s part.

    Doja Cat Apologizes In The DMS

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    In an effort to clean up the controversial mess, Doja Cat left Plini “a string of apologies in his DMS.” The “Rules” rapper admitted she wasn’t aware she’d riffed his song “Handmade Cities” and wished credit had been given beforehand. The rapper was grateful for Plini’s “nice” response over the mistake. Plini took the news better than most artists would’ve. Guess it helps to be a humble artist in the music industry.

    What do you think? Does Doja Cat’s heavy metal performance of “Say Say” sound similar to Plini’s “Handmade Cities”?

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