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    Taylor Swift Copies Beyonce Again?

    Taylor Swift is allegedly copying Beyoncé again.

    Taylor Swift recently released her music video for “You Need to Calm Down.” The Taylor fans going crazy for it, but the Beyhive is coming for blood! Beyonce’s Beyhives are comparing it to Beyonce’s 2011 Party.

    In the “You Need to Calm Down” video, Swift promotes LBGTQ culture while prancing around a trailer park and lounging on a pool float.

    Things went left quickly.

    Taylor Swift is having fingers pointed at her for stealing ideas from Queen Bee. Pinpointed during a performance at the Billboard Music Awards in early May.

    She performed her song on stage alongside with a drum line in a marching style.

    Twitter was fast to call out the performance’s similarity. It was compared to Bey’s Netflix concert documentary “Homecoming.” It showed similarities to her groundbreaking 2018 Coachella performance.

    As people have pointed out, the two share a trailer park setting. But to be fair, Beyoncé’s is more realistic and less colorful. They both feature pools in which the singers are shown floating in floats. The scenes do appear to be similarly shot from above.

    There is also a point in Taylor Swift’s video where she is wearing a bikini with a fur coat over it, which Bey can also be seen wearing in the “Party” video.

    But the trolls are back at it either way!

    Anyways, you can watch the two videos and draw your own conclusions from it! If you have any thoughts, leave your it down below!


    Image Credit: Zig

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