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    DJ Weswill Expands Music Empire To iHeartRadio And More

    Entertaining people is one aspect that makes DJs stand out. A DJ is a force behind the rhythm that entertains, awes, and let people dance in the streets. Indeed, they are experts at conquering a magical sense of mood at a party or club scene.

    Using their timing sense, they play the right track at the right time, with the right strategy to take the party to another level. DJing is a top-level skill and also highly professional. It requires deep knowledge of great music production and a firm passion and love for music. Without a doubt a DJ’s sound system is like a lab for creating music magic. The norm is DJs should have two turntables that allow them to switch between songs or twist records alongside each other to bring out unique effects or a mixture of sounds.

    DJ Weswill

    Speaking of top DJs, a well-known DJ in the hip-hop scene is DJ Weswill. He is a popular producer, DJ, and music executive. DJ Weswill is undoubtedly a real symbol of hip-hop excellence. His sound outlines the memorable era of hip-hop. The New York City Bronx native has had a humble beginning and rose above the odds to become a hip-hop champion.

    The Beginning

    Understanding his purpose in rap culture as a teenager made Weswill worked towards reaching his goal. The DJ began honing his skills during his career at Rider University. Then he launched his first mixtape series and brand officially at Rider University.

    Projects and Resume

    Swimming in success, the brand has done services for several Fortune 500 companies during the last ten years. Moreover, it even caught the attention of Sean “Diddy” Combs in 2014, which led to his appointment as an official ambassador for CIROC. Weswill boasts an impressive background, serving as a global ambassador for New Jersey hip-hop, music director at WJYN 98.5 FM Philadelphia, and executive VP of music curation at RADIOPUSHERS. DJ Weswill is also EVP of music curation for DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami powered by iHeartradio. He connects with upcoming independent artists for optimal growth, brand recognition, and monetization.

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