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    Destined: Jamaal Devore, Celebrity Photographer

    While in the streets of New York, we caught up with Jamaal Devore and his camera.

    Very humbly, and, thankfully,  we were able to speak with someone of immense talent. Jamaal Devore void of wearing the over-saturated Supreme cross-body bag talked with us about life. Furthermore discussing his work as a celebrity photographer. With little formal training behind the lens, Devore’s talent is one of those rare organic discoveries.

    For him, photography is much like music in the sense that you can capture a moment and visit it over and over– preserving a bit of the magic forever. Yet unlike the magic in a photo, the day crept to an end, thus so did our interview. But before we parted, Devore revealed that the chemical “X” to his success was having no structure at all…that in fact, candidness is his best angle.

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