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    Deion Sanders Thanks New HC T.C. Taylor to Jackson State

    While HOFer and former NFL CB Deion Sanders leave Jackson State University he still makes sure to greet new HC T.C. Taylor with open arms. Jackson State’s new head coach T.C. Taylor has received one hell of a promotion. He was the assistant football coach under Sanders, however, due to Jackson’s departure, he’s been given an opportunity of a lifetime, according to The Grio.

    Many may not like his approach, however, once the departure was happening he addressed the team and was honest. Many felt connected to sanders and what he was doing for their school and city, but it’s difficult to fault someone for bettering their career.

    “In coaching, you either rise or you’re let go,” Sanders shared with his team, as reported by AP. “There’s no coach graveyard where they perish on the job. They’ll either push you out or you’ll choose to leave.”

    According to WAPT News, Sanders recommended Taylor for the job and had nothing but high praise for his coaching ability, as well as, leadership skills.

    “Coach Taylor’s experience working with our student-athletes and his commitment to support and improve his alma mater is precisely what Jackson State University needs to elevate our football program’s athletic prowess,” stated JSU president Thomas K. Hudson, as reported by WAPT. “I am excited to collaborate with him as he builds upon tradition and pioneers new paths.”


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