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    Dang Kim Kardashian..Kendall Getting Money!!

    Dang the Kardashians are getting to the money in 2018!!

    Move on over, it’s a new Kardashian running the show!!

    The Kardashian family continues to dominate mainstream in a major way.

    From there own reality tv show to cosmetics, to famous celebrity athletes, the empire continues to build.

    Either way, you look at it the Kardashian family is pulling in the big bucks!

    One sister, in particular, is making a name for herself in her own venture. Kendall Jenner entered into the model industry and has surely made an impact.

    Forbes confirms, that she is the highest paid model in the industry. Kendall is making $22.5 million from her endeavors in the industry this year.

    She has been winning business-wise, and relationship wise as well. In addition, is dating the 2017 NBA Rookie Of The Year “Ben Simmons. The two aren’t that serious but we can see it being a real thing. At the moment Kendall is simply living her best life!!

    Dang Kendall.. Get that money for real!!

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