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    Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic is “humbled” by Mark Cuban

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently spoke and humbled superstar point guard Luka Doncic. One would agree, nobody tends to feel good after someone comments and discusses their weight. It’s reported, Cuban discussed on radio, “I think he was humbled a little bit.”

    “I think he didn’t like being called out for his weight and other things, and it finally clicked that there’s a level of discipline that’s required,” reported Tim MacMahon of ESPN . “ All athletes at his level go through it at some level, where things are just easy and you’re always used to being the best and you’re always used to getting all the accolades.”

    Doncic spoke in early December about his conditioning needing to “get back on track”. This took place before returning to the Dallas Mavericks training camp. Comfortability seems to be a common goal amongst most people. However, in this case, it’s possible Doncic has become too relaxed and allowed his health to affect his game. Doncic has since dropped 15 pounds, per ESPN, getting closer to his rookie weight.

    Doncic’s revival of his health helps improve his game

    One would think him getting back in shape has helped him return back to All-NBA form after what many would consider a slow start. Although in his first 21 games of the season, he averaged 26 points, eight rebounds, and nine assists. He’s proven to be a force offensively, however, his defense has gone from below average to non-existent. Later, he rested three weeks due to a sprained ankle. While he was out for those three weeks he focused on his conditioning and began to prepare his body.

    Since the layoff, in his past 23 games, he’s averaging 29 points, ten rebounds, and nine assists. It seems with an improvement of his conditioning his defense has improved at a rapid rate as well. Prior to the ankle injury, Doncic’s +/- was a -4 net rating; as of late, it’s up to a 13 net rating. Although he was chosen to play in his third All-Star game, he was given zero votes to be a starter. Safe to say, he’s taken this personally, and within the last ten games, he’s averaged 35 points, ten rebounds, and ten assists, per ESPN.

    “He knows what he needs to do, and it finally clicked that if he’s going to be the best — and I know he wants to be the best — that there are certain things he has to control,” Cuban said.

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