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    DaBaby Meets With US HIV Organization

    DaBaby Meets with Glaad

    DaBaby is clearly taking heed to advice. In fact, the briefly cancelled rapper met with Glaad, an American LGBT organization . His meeting with nine HIV leaders is one of the first steps in repairing the damage caused by his insensitive comments. Recall that the rapper asserted that those with HIV will die in two to three weeks. 

    Pledge to Call Him In

    Glaad is among the list of groups open to meeting with DaBaby. The Charlotte native cannot grow from his mistakes if he isn’t acquiring knowledge. Moreover, Baby is responsible for using his platform to raise awareness about HIV. Instead of judging and spreading falsities, he can learn about those living with the virus. 

    Glaad met with the rapper to achieve this objective. The organization issued a statement.

    “Our aim was to invite him in rather than publicly criticize him.””We thought that by engaging with Black leaders living with HIV, we could foster a sense of community and promote healing.”

    The organization understands the importance of education instead of turning its back on someone who is misguided. Additionally, it is not DaBaby’s place to make any dealing with HIV to feel embarrassed or ashamed. 

    The Meeting

    During the meeting, DaBaby appeared to be “genuinely engaged” in the conversation and listened attentively to survivor stories. 

    Following the meeting, Glaad hopes that DaBaby’s actions inspires his fans. They should test regularly and take pride in knowing their status. 

    The more people know about HIV, the easier it will be to eliminate the stigma. 

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