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    DaBaby Hits Summer Jam Stage, Apologizes Again

    DaBaby at Summer Jam 2021

    DaBaby is back for Summer Jam. He found himself in some hot water last month as a result of his homophobic, vulgar comments at Rolling Loud. After his removal from a number of festivals like Lollapalooza and loss of partnerships, the “Goin Baby” rapper continues to seek redemption.

    Despite a great deal of criticism, some are stunned at how fast DaBaby came back from being cancelled.

    Hot 97 graciously revived his music career, affording him the opportunity to hit the Summer Jam stage. In fact, his Sunday performances serve as his first step to redemption. He immediately offered more apologies for his misguided, blanket statements.

    The Performance

    A video played with the rapper spewing his apology prior to his outpouring of gratitude for Hot97 and its decision to give him another platform. His current acknowledgement of his mistakes echoed past apologies.

    “They accepted my apologies and recognized my sincerity,” DaBaby mentioned the Summer Jam organizers. “I never intended to offend or make anyone feel a certain way during my live performance a few weeks ago.”

    Following the apology, the Charlotte native’s set amped up the crowd. Then he recorded himself floating through the crowd.

    His Calculated Remarks

    If DaBaby learned anything, it should be to think before speaking, especially if comments are made with an insensitive tone. People make mistakes. However, it is more about how one responds to their wrongdoing in humility than it is about dismissing others’ perceptions of said behavior or commentary.

    The world just needs to know that DaBaby has grown since his one month career hiccup. Yet the jury is still out on that because he threw shots calling unoffended people “crybabies” as “CryBaby” featuring Meg Thee Stallion played.

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