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    Crunchyroll List of Anime Made by Them

    Crunchyroll List of Anime Made by Them

    Crunchyroll is producing its own shows, and they are impressive. Check out the list below.

    1. In/Spectre: Available Now
    Supernatural romance meets captivating mystery as a duo tackles dark incidents in their world.

    2. ToCrunchyroll List of Anime Made by Themwer of God: Available Now

    Based on the comic series, this dark fantasy action show follows a young man’s journey through the mysterious Tower, battling enemies and uncovering its rules.

    3. Onyx Equinox: Available Soon
    Set in Mesoamerican cultures, a young Aztec boy becomes humanity’s champion, forced to prove its potential in a fight against gods.

    4. The God of High School: Available Soon
    High schoolers compete in an epic tournament, using powers from gods and unraveling a mysterious organization along the way.

    5. Noblesse: Available Soon
    A powerful vampire noble awakens after centuries of slumber and faces dangerous adventures in modern civilization.

    6. Meiji Gekken: Sword & Gun (Working Title): Available Soon
    Set in Japan’s Meiji era, an ensemble of characters seeks their place while escaping their past sins.

    7. FreakAngels: Available Soon
    Psychics in post-apocalyptic London rebuild society and discover their better selves.

    8. High Guardian Spice: Available Soon
    Four girls train at High Guardian Academy to become heroes and protect the world from an unknown threat.

    Stay tuned for these exciting shows on Crunchyroll.

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