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    Covid Vaccine Effort Continue As FDA Approves Booster Shots


    The Anti-Vax Counterculture

    There is a strike on COVID and healthcare. Healthcare is what we need here in America; it is the vital source of pursuing a long-term life span. To keep their jobs secure; however, workers must be vaccinated. According to NPR, the end of September marks the date New York City implemented the strict ultimatum. The mandate regulations will not exclude persons of certain religious backgrounds or biases.

    The mandate caused a stir among healthcare workers who refuse to take the vaccine. Protest broke out at least one of the hospitals. Understanding the government and its politics when it comes to certain subjects as this, there is reason for widespread concern.

    Nevertheless, statistics prove the safety and efficiency of the vaccine. The vaccine, only having a few minor side effects such as a sore arm or malaise, presents an overall positive result. Yet, there are healthcare workers who are exposed to COVID on a daily basis, and still refuse to take it.

    Covid Boosters for the Vaccinated Community

    According to New York Times, The Drug and Food Administration authorizes new vaccine boosters for optimistic ‘vaxers’. Moderna offers two shot option, while Johnson and Johnson offers a one shot dose, creating a new opportunity for tens of thousands of people. Feeling safe is a concern for people, especially those who travel and work under vulnerable conditions.

    What We Know about the New Covid Vaccine Booster

    The CDC goes as far as approving of the mixing and matching of both vaccines for more effectiveness. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine proves to be a little less effective than than Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. Those who opted the single dose of Johnson and Johnson have two options. One is to choose the  Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech booster in efforts to build more antibodies. Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are commonly more effective. People have the option to choose between Moderna and Pfizer vaccines as well.

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