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    Courtney Bell Offers Confessional On His Newest Track “Introspection”

    Often times, rappers fall into the trap of glorifying and even glamorizing street life. Unfortunately, the culture surrounding rap and hip-hop is littered with negatives. Fortunately, rappers like upcoming Detroit emcee Courtney Bell use their platform to promote change. Deemed an inspirational and unifying artist, Courtney Bell poses as a refreshing voice in the rap genre.

    He’s a rapper who’s slowly making a name for himself. So far, Bell has headlined for big time artists like Boogie, Eric Bellinger, and Dave East. Additionally, he performed at the Little Caesars Arena last year during a Detroit Pistons halftime show. Despite all his early success, he stays grounded and true to himself.

    Furthermore, Courtney Bells’s newest track “Introspection” offers a raw, honest confessional. There’s rappers out there who aren’t afraid to talk about the inner demons that haunt them, but Bell takes it to a whole other level.

    The Detroit Rapper’s Confessional In “Introspection”

    Earlier this month Courtney Bell debuted his newest single and music video for “Introspection.” In particular, the video shows Courtney Bell wandering around in a mental facility, donned in the signature hospital gown. The concept for the video clearly plays into the fact that listeners will get an eyeful of Bell’s mindset.

    In a confessional fashion, Bell raps about the inner most–and even ugly–parts of himself. His honesty and transparency make his verses sound more like he’s verbally journaling all the hardships he faced in the past year.

    In several instances, Bell discusses his mental health, and battling his own personal inner demons. Also, he touches on the topic of death quite often, especially when he talks about losing 13 of his loved ones to COVID-19. Unfortunately, Courtney Bell’s one-year break from the music turned into a very traumatizing time for the artist. With so much weighing him down, it’s no wonder he didn’t return to the studio booth sooner.

    A Rapper With A Conscious

    Courtney Bell via Twitter

    Artistry can grow from many of our life experiences, even the most painful memories. Clearly a rapper with a conscious, Courtney Bell has learned to put his pain and struggles into a song. Growing up in Detroit’s notoriously dangerous hoods and dealing with the tragic loss of losing 13 family members to Covid-19 can be tough on anyone.

    Though, Courtney Bell has turned all of his bad experiences into inspiring and encouraging tales. Moreover, the master lyricist hopes to “enlighten his community and friends” with his music. Additionally, he continues to speak out against police brutality and systematic racism toward the black community. Honestly, the rap game could use more outspoken voices like Courtney Bell.

    Be sure to check out Detroit rapper Courtney Bell’s new, confessional track “Introspection” out right now.

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