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    Chris Brown Responds to Claims Black Women Are Barricaded From His VIP Section

    Chris Brown, renowned as one of the world’s top-selling music artists, is once again entangled in controversy. Following Chloe Bailey’s Twitter announcement of her collaboration with the R&B singer, critics started bringing up Breezy’s assault conviction against Rihanna. But that’s not all he is being bashed for. According to sources, Chris Brown makes it his mission to barricade Black women from his VIP section.

    Several black women claimed that they were turned away at a Chris Brown concert because he only permitted white ladies to enter his VIP section. The clip from the women went viral on TikTok this weekend, and Breezy responded to them immediately with a video response that shut down the claims completely.

    Critics have been targeting the singer, especially after his 2009 assault on Rihanna, but he’s never lost his passion for the industry. The 33-year-old is touring in Europe, promoting his tenth studio album, Breezy, which dropped last month.

    Chris Brown Dissing Black Women

    But he’s facing backlash again after another video made the rounds on social media alleging that he bans black women from entering his VIP section in London.

    The video features a group of black girls who claim they were denied entry to a nightclub in London when they tried to pay to get into the VIP area for a performance by Breezy. The women alleged that Breezy only allowed white and Latina women into the VIP section of his concerts, and they were angry about it.

    They posted the video on social media and shared their stories on Sunday morning. According to MadameNoire, the women were told they could only use a ticket to enter a certain area in the club to be considered for the VIP area.

    However, when the women arrived at the VIP area, they were reportedly denied access by a security guard. The women were later escorted out of the venue and weren’t given a refund on their ticket. As a result, the women have come forward to share their stories and ask for restitution. Some even say they’re taking legal action against the singer for discrimination.

    These are just some controversies that have plagued the singer’s career, including allegations of assault and domestic violence. He’s also been linked to several high-profile bust-ups.

    Brown has also been accused of several other issues, including stealing money from a bank account and being accused of assaulting a former manager. He’s been involved in several legal disputes over the past year and has been charged with stalking and disturbing an elderly woman.

    Clearly, he’s not a fan of racial discrimination and has been known to use his voice to make a difference in society. Despite the controversies, Chris Brown is an iconic artist who has sold over 197 million records and is one of the highest-grossing African American touring artists.

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