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    Cardi B Is Snatching Souls With Her New Look

    The Bronx rapper and reality star Cardi B has been “breaking the Internet” quite a few times lately with her new look. Some may argue that she is a new muse that has brought a lot of buzz in todays fashion world, and we’re here for it.

    Cardi B is Snatching Souls with her new look (3)

    We can thank stylist Mikiel Benyamin for her fashion switch up. Benyamin is a stylist who is based out of New York that glams up street wear and makes it look more refined and upscale as we can see with Cardi. What makes this transformation so eye snatching is Cardi’s personality. Anyone can dress up, but not everyone can be as blunt and open like Cardi B. The humor and conversations she has with her fans makes her someone people can relate to but also look up to. Even though we catch her wearing “high end” name brands like Gucci, she is not afraid to let people know that she wears $40 dresses and kills it.

    Cardi B is Snatching Souls with her new look (4)(1)

    She was recently featured in an article on Vogue Magazine as she posted on Instagram as “MOVING ON UP”, and that she is. She was in attendance for many shows for this years New York Fashion week posing in pictures with fashion icons like model Khoudia Diop at the Michael Costello show, Shaun Ross, and Fabolous. She wore Namilia to their own show and talked about how she wore Namilia on the cover of her new mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2. Her mixtape has 10 tracks that are “for the bitches that got anger in their heart, ’cause every bitch got motherfucking goddamn anger in their heart,” Cardi said in an interview for Complex.

    She recently got the opportunity to light up the stage for VFILES in time square, New York City while performing her song “On Fleek” while wearing a body suit that fit her, as she would say, poppinnnnn.

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