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    Cardi B Shuts Down Cuban Doll’s Lies

    Cheating scandals can take a toll on a relationship. For a while, it seemed like Cardi B and Offset moved past their earlier relationship issues. Prior to having their second child, the rap stars broke up constantly over lies and alleged cheating. Unfortunately, Cardi B and Offset aren’t passed the drama yet.

    Recently, Cuban Doll made some pretty polarizing comments on social media that rehashed Offset’s 2018 cheating scandal. Anyone who follows both Cardi B and Cuban Doll know the two have been arch nemesis ever since the scandal hit. Fortunately, the “Up” rapper shutdown Cuban Doll’s lies once and for all.

    Cuban Doll Claims Offset Tried To Sleep With Her

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    Most recently, Cardi B caught the attention of fans after beefing it out with her arch nemesis Cuabn Doll. Fans might remember that back in 2018, Offset was accused of allegedly requesting a threesome between Cuban Doll and his mistress Summer Bunni. Previously, the 23-year-old denied the allegations outright. Now, following her latest tweets, it seems she’s changing her tune.

    On Jan. 8, Cuban Doll rehashed Offset’s 2018 cheating scandal in a few polarizing comments. Making matters worse, Doll posted the behind-the-scenes look of an upcoming music video. Dressed in a leopard print suit, Doll noted that Nicki Minaj inspired the look, not Cardi B.

    Adding fuel to the already growing flames, a fan tweeted that despite Cardi B supporting her fellow rap sisters, she’s often faced with disrespect from them. At which point, the “Up” rapper fires back the reply that all those that “hated on me” never succeeded. Unable to resist, Cuban Doll gave the rebuttal that her and Cardi B haven’t been on the best of terms since Offset proposed to sleep with her. Apparently, Cuban Doll can’t seem to get her story straight.

    Cardi B Shuts Down Her Lies

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    Unfortunately, cheating scandals don’t go away so easily. Cuban Doll’s rehash of Offset’s cheating scandal certainly lit a lot of flames between her and Cardi B. After Cuban Doll’s big reveal, she went on to say that she was paid hush-hush money at the time they got married.

    Furthermore their Twitter feud bled over to Jan. 9, where Cardi B finally shutdown Cuban Doll’s lies. The “WAP” rapper single-handedly called out the 23-year-old. In the end, she asks to see the “receipts” but receives no reply from Cuban Doll. Guess that’s the end of that Twitter feud.

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