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    Cardi B Believes Motherhood Will Come Naturally For Rihanna

    Cardi B may be one of the biggest female rap stars right now. Also, she’s also a comedian on social media. Everything from her personal day to day activities to her hilarious advice, Cardi B has it all. The “Up” rapper is an open book. The world knows Rihanna is pregnant and Cardi B offered her two cents.

    This past Mother’s Day Cardi B shared a few encouraging words of wisdom for new celebrity mothers, including the Fenty Beauty CEO Rihanna. Cardi B wholeheartedly believes that motherhood will come naturally for the beauty guru. 

    Motherhood Comes Naturally

    motherhood will come naturally
    Cardi B, Rihanna via Yahoo News

    Mothers and daughters everywhere celebrated this past Mother’s Day with smiles and good wishes. Even celebrity mothers like Cardi B celebrated the special day with their loved ones. Speaking of the “Up” rapper, she shared some surprisingly wise advice on motherhood for mothers-to-be. In fact, she even told the Fenty Beauty guru Rihanna not to stress about her pregnancy.

    Last weekend, TMZ had a run in with Cardi B and Offset on an evening outing. The paparazzi asked Cardi B what advice she’d give Rihanna, in which the rapper replied, “motherhood comes naturally.” Cardi B offers the most influential advice when we least expect it.

    Rihanna’s Baby Will Arrive Soon

    motherhood will come naturally
    ASAP Rocky, Rihanna via

    Let’s hope on some level that Cardi B’s advice will help calm Rihanna’s nerves in the preceding days. Furthermore, the Fenty Beauty CEO is already in her third trimester and set to give birth any day now. From the slew of photos of her and A$AP Rocky, it’s evident that Rihanna’s baby will be making an appearance very soon.

    Fortunately, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky seem well prepared, even with the recent setback they faced. Motherhood will hopefully come naturally for the beauty guru.

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