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    Canadian Rapper Astrokidjay Makes It Through The Hard Times In “Hell & Back”

    Not everyone can stay on the road to success. Some stars either lose money or give up altogether on their dream. No one said success was easy to come by. Though, Canadian star Astrokidjay never once gave up, even during his darkest moments.

    In 2019, the rapper went from having a roof over his head to living on the streets. At that time, he began making music on the daily, selling his demos on the streets until people finally started taking notice of his artistry. His otherworldly sound soon captivated audiences everywhere. By 2020, he started making a name for himself in the music industry as one of the most engaging solo acts to come out in recent years. Furthermore, Astrokidjay loves to genre-bend, blending hip-hop, R&B and Afrobeats sounds together, all while maintaining his character on every song. The guy definitely sounds like a star in the making.

    Recently, he dropped his latest record “Hell & Back” where the artist reflects on all the life challenges he’s overcome and succeeded. 

    He May Be Young, But He’s Overcome Plenty

    The Tanzanian-born rapper has lived a hard life, one full of ups and downs. Though, he’s come out the other side triumphant. More importantly, he’s stronger than ever before. On his newest track “Hell & Back,” Astrokidjay, proves that age is nothing but a number when it comes to the hard life lessons he’s had to learn on his own. “At the time I gave up on myself, what was I even thinking?” the rapper recalls in the song. Only in his twenties, the artist has plenty more living to do. Though, he comes off as wise beyond his years on the track as he understands that every obstacle he’s encountered has only prepared him for the future.

    Astrokidjay Knows He’ll Make It Big


    HELL&BACK OUT NOW 🦇🏴‍☠️ S/O @butteronthecommas fa pullin up on the gang 🤞🏾🤞🏾 Subscribe to my YouTube channel! #astrokidjay #hiphopmusic #toronto #mafia #torontomusic #losangeles

    ♬ original sound – OFFICIAL ASTRO

    Pursuing a life of fame and fortune can prove daunting and overwhelming for some people. Though, Astrokidjay has prepared for the very moment he reaches stardom. Being a famous star can involve tons of ups and downs in their career, but Astrokidjay knows he has what it takes. Furthermore, his new track “Hell & Back ” is featured off his mixtape Rose Out Of Mud that dropped earlier this year. Be sure to catch more triumphant tracks from the Canadian star Astrokidjay.


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