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    California Will Become First State To Track LGBTQ+ Suicides

    California will become the first state to pass a bill that would count the statistics of suicide within the LGBTQ+ community.

    Political Relief

    After winning the recall election, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law on September 16. That will establish a three-year pilot program. Where it would help collect information of death from people with different gender and sexual orientation. Such as in cases of deaths, including suicides and homicides.

    “It will train coroners and medical examiners how to gather mortality data with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity,” as the bill reads.

    Currently, there is no state that tracks the information where a person has taken their life.

    Politician Joaquin Arambula believes that recollecting this information of suicides within the LGBTQ+. Where it could help prove and prevent these unnecessary deaths.

    Surely the only way in which you can provide resources to the LGBTQ + community is to identify the reason for these violent deaths. The best method would be the collection of information for the creation of a protection plan.

    Furthermore being one of the leading deaths in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide claims the life of many each year. Consequently for the LGBTQ+ people are a different story according to a study done by UCLA. Those who are in the community tend to be more susceptible to the ideation of suicide.

    “We know that LGBTQ people are more often the victims of violent crimes. Within the LGBTQ community because of lack of acceptance, discrimination and harassment, we see higher rates of suicidal ideation,” Samuel Garrett-Pate, communications director for Equality California, told The Guardian. “Therefore we only know how best to address these important issues when we have the data.”

    Reason for Bill

    The creation for this bill comes hand in hand thanks to politician and former emergency room doctor Joaquin Arambula. Saying that he experienced the disproportionate brutality towards the LGBT community.

     “While working on the frontlines, I had many of those experiences,” he said. “I was there and felt like this was a glaring need to better understand violent deaths.”

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