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    Billie Eilish’s Cool Take on Lil Yachty’s Bold Lyrics in Drake’s New Album

    Billie Eilish Embraces Lil Yachty’s ‘Big Tits’ Lyric, Calls it Flattering Amid Controversy on Drake’s Chart-Topping Album.

    Lil Yachty made headlines with his mention of Billie Eilish’s “big tits” on Drake’s latest album, “For All The Dogs.” The controversial lyric in the track “Another Late Night” raised eyebrows, but Eilish took it in stride during an interview with Variety on November 13.

    Eilish expressed amusement at the lyrics, describing them as fun and flattered. Emphasizing her friendship with Lil Yachty and Drake, she dismissed any potential controversy surrounding the line as a joke. Eilish boldly acknowledged her body, asserting,

    “I have big boobs. I’ve had big boobs since I was nine years old, and that’s just the way I am. That’s how I look.”

    The singer didn’t shy away from addressing the scrutiny her body has faced. In a 2019 Vogue Australia interview, she talked about liking loose clothes to avoid drawing attention to her body. Despite her past discomfort with the focus on her body, Eilish now seems more empowered and unapologetic.

    In October, Eilish shared a screenshot of Lil Yachty’s lyric on Instagram, sparking diverse reactions from her followers. Some criticized the Atlanta rapper’s line as inappropriate, while others found humor. The incident added a layer to the ongoing conversation about body image and the treatment of women in the music industry.

    Despite the controversy, Drake’s “For All The Dogs” clinched the top spot on the October Billboard 200 chart, securing his fourth No. 1 album. This accomplishment further cements his status among elite artists, holding the fourth-highest count of chart-topping albums, trailing only behind legendary names such as The Beatles, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna.

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