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    Big Head Bandz explains his Championship DNA to HYPEFRESH

    The birth of Big Head Bandz

    Jason ‘Big Head Bandz’ Johnson’s music career reads like a Hollywood movie script. The life story of Jason ‘Big Head Bandz’ Johnson includes drug dealing, street dreams, church ties, horse breeding and Hip-Hop.

    Growing up in a family with strong religious ties. Faith-based principles allowed Big Head Bandz to learn the value of loyalty. Big Head Bandz’s father taught him priceless adulthood life lessons and created a Championship DNA mentality.

    The price of street dreams

    The laws of attraction connected Big Head Bandz to a criminal based lifestyle during his early years. Managing death, pride, instincts, and grown men gave him a do or die business mentality.

    However, the stress of drug dealing always weighed on his heart. Money, women, cars, and extravagant living came at a high price.

    He always understood the lifestyle had a short lifespan, and there was only one way out. During his darkest days, he never forgot what his father taught him. His father’s words ran through his mind daily and always challenged his conscience.

    After experiencing a life-changing moment, he made a profound U-turn in life. Besides the fresh change, he focused on Hip-Hop music. Hip-Hop became his new hustle and bridge to rap success.

    Impact of Big Head Bandz Music

    Since 2014, Big Head Bandz’s music impact in Hip-Hop is undeniable. His ability to paint visions of pain and passion into beautiful words of audio inspiration is pure genius. You can feel the ‘soul’ in every record and special talent he possesses.

    He created Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC, which includes a record label, TV/Film division, and a clothing line. He also inked a strategic branding partnership with  RADIOPUSHERS RADIOPUSHERS is a premier marketing agency for artists/entrepreneurs.

    Horses and Hip-Hop

    Big Head Bandz family introduced him to the world of horse breeding and racing. This moment changed his life forever and open a new financial opportunity. He now operates one of the most premier horse breeding companies in North America.

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