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    Beyoncé Champions Growing As A Public Figure

    Beyoncé recently released another top-charting album and celebrated the anniversary of her self-titled album. The Bey-hive definitely came out to support Bey on Twitter, and so we decided to show Queen Bey some love too! Here is a rewind of some of Beyoncé’s most powerful star-making moments from the past decade and a half.

    From Drunk In Love To Lemonade

    There’s no mistaking it, Beyoncé is a creative genius! She has grown as an artist, and her songs reference this growth! This adds an intimate and very personal dimension to her body of work.
    Lemonade is a painful, bitter-sweet testimony to the inner strength of all Black women. One of the main themes in the visual album is the healing love a man can give to a woman.
    Lemonade details romantic betrayal at the hands of Jay-Z. Her hubby had been featured on several tracks by then, perhaps most ironically being his verse on “Drunk in Love”. The chorus is triumphant, “We are all night!/Love!” On the Lemonade track “All Night,” the chorus basically repeats yet again, triumphant. “Sweet love!/All night long!”
    It sucks that it seems it took personal heartbreak for Beyoncé to make seriously hard-hitting and pro-Black art, but that shouldn’t take away from the impact Lemonade had on the culture!
    “Freedom” featuring Kendrick Lamar goes hard! Seeing Black celebrities gathered at a plantation to listen to Beyoncé perform illustrates that intention is everything! “Freedom! Freedom, where are you? ‘Cause I need freedom too!”

    A Winner Don’t Quit On Herself

    Beyoncé showcased her masterful abilities as a storyteller in Lemonade. Hopefully, her next record will be as amazing as she truly is and still be a chart-topper. But it means listeners are gonna need to dig deeper!


    1. Beyonce songs are timeless. This album was filled with women’s anthems and showcases her personality to a T.

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