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    Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Comeback Over Indianapolis Colts

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson had an epic comeback over the Indianapolis Colts this past Monday night. Jackson didn’t seem to panic, as the Ravens were down 19 points in the second half. He gathered his star receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to talk about possible ways to get back into this game. The Ravens executed the plan to perfection. They were able to mount a comeback with their backs pinned against the wall in historic fashion. 

    Jackson Continues to Make History

    Jackson threw for a franchise-record 442 yards and four touchdowns. This was the biggest comeback of his very young and promising career. He won the game in overtime, 31-25, with a five-yard touchdown pass to Brown. The Ravens advanced to 4-1 managing to win four straight as they propel to first place in the AFC North division. 

    “That was one of the best performances I’ve ever witnessed,” commented Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

    The performance set on Monday night was one for the ages. As Jackson left the field, all the fans who stayed throughout the game waited as they did when the game seemed to be out of reach. Nonetheless, they began to loudly chant “MVP” and rightfully so. 

    Here is how Jackson made history Monday night, per ESPN:

    • He was the first quarterback to achieve an 85% completion rate in a 400-yard game.
    • He made history by being the first NFL player to achieve 400 passing yards, four touchdown passes, no interceptions, and 50 rushing yards.
    • He set a new record for the highest completion rate in an NFL game with 40 passes, completing 86% (37 out of 43) of his throws.

    Some of the accomplishments mentioned to Jackson after the game took him by surprise. He was out there with adrenaline pumping and ready to win the game. However, he claims he wasn’t concerned nor was he worried about whether or not any records were being broken.

    “I was in the zone! I felt so relaxed. The game seemed to slow down, and I approached it one play at a time. That’s how it went,” Jackson explained.

    Discouragement Never Enters the Baltimore Ravens Minds

    After Jackson suffered the fumble, it really lit a fire under him and the Ravens. Early in the game, Jackson had one of his worst starts in his NFL career. He fumbled on Colt’s two-yard line which ultimately led to 22-3 midway through the third quarter. This at the time seemed insurmountable as the momentum began to carry to Colt’s side. Nonetheless, the Ravens refused to quit. 

    “I was ticked off. We needed that touchdown,” Jackson said of the fumble. “I was just praying we’d get another opportunity in my head. I didn’t really want to show everybody I’m praying. It’s good to pray now, but I was just like, ‘Man, we just need another opportunity, because I know what we can do.'”

    “First of all, we have Lamar Jackson,” Harbaugh said. “Next of all, we have a bunch of guys just like Lamar Jackson, with heart, spirit, soul, persistence, and all the other things.”

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