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    ATL’s Anti Da Menace Strives To Be The Best On Newly Released “Legendary”

    Atlanta, Georgia, is never short of providing the world with new stars. A city that prides itself on letting artists creatively and freely do what they want. Most of these rappers don’t even know what direction they want to go yet with their career! But thanks to their prime location, the creative bubble known as the A allows them to do things on their terms. One artist who’s been having his way with music lately is Anti Da Menace.

    Diamond In The Rough

    Don’t expect anything flashy from Anti, he’s one of those rappers who are unapologetically themselves. This is one of the glaring qualities that helped him stand out in the crowded ATL scene. With a name like Anti Da Menace, he takes pride in terrorizing the world with his vicious flow. He started strongly and hasn’t looked back since!

    He recently dropped his new album, Legendary, and I have no choice but to believe Anti is up next. His work ethic is insane for a young artist, as this is his third full-length project released this year. He has a point to prove because, in all 16 songs, he is giving the max effort to show the world what they’re missing out on. Once you hear the intro track, “Timezone”, you will see that Anti has arrived, because all the signs are there. His sound is more polished than it’s ever been.

    As much as he is lyrically gifted, he is at his best when he is given a sinister beat. There, he can tap into his roots in the streets and take listeners behind the curtain of hood politics. Real trap-music lovers will appreciate a song like “223” featuring Wee2Hard. We see Anti switch up his flow, to aggressively rap about never showing fear even when it comes to gunplay. The ominous production lets him be an absolute menace, and it takes me back to the days when trap music was in its prime. He has that real “gutter” sound that only a select crowd could and would resonate with.

    Street Legend In The Making

    I only expect more progress and more music from Anti Da Menace this year. It might be too early to call him a legend, as the title suggests. But, what I can say is that he is on the path to being a legend. That is, if he continues consistently dropping quality music! What’s your favorite song off the project?

    Which are your favorite Anti Da Menace songs ever?


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