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    Ariana DeBose BAFTA Memes, King Charles III’s Coronation

    Ariana DeBose, hailed as the queen of Broadway, left no doubt about her love for jukebox musicals during her captivating performance at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. The prestigious actress became an internet sensation during her BAFTA performance. Ariana DeBose became a rapping meme as she cheered on women and also spilled tea on her opinions of the King.

    BAFTA Awards

    Her lyrics in the song are a bit off, however. During her rap, she praised the contributions of several women, including Angela Bassett, Emma Thompson, and Michelle Yeoh. But in true internet fashion, her rapped-song has become a meme that people are now obsessed with.

    The song sparked a lot of negative criticism, and DeBose deactivated her Twitter account in response to some of the negative comments. But she did say that she enjoyed the memes that came out of her performance.

    Ariana DeBose is a Meme Queen

    Memes are always a great way to poke fun at the weird and sometimes controversial things happening online. Some of these memes are even funny, but they can also be offensive if you look closely at them.


    In the case of this particular rap, many people say it was too “pretentious” and a little “snobby.” And although they may not have meant it badly, DeBose’s rap has certainly been ridiculed on social media.

    The ‘West Side Story’ actress did not have much time to put together the rap, and she only had a few weeks before her performance. But she worked hard with a team to create it. DeBose also worked with a choreographer and a musical director to ensure she was ready for the stage.

    Nevertheless, the rap was a great move by DeBose, and she should be commended for it. She did something that most other actresses aren’t able to do, and she should be celebrated for it.

    King Charles III’s Coronation

    King Charles III’s coronation ceremony is scheduled for June 3. It will be the king’s first coronation since his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died in 2022. The coronation ceremony is a big deal, and many celebrities will be there to honor Charles. Some of these stars will also be performing at the ceremony, but one who will not be performing is Ariana DeBose

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