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    Lil Yachty Weighs in on Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s Allegation-Fueled Feud

    Lil Yachty talked about his surprising role in the intense rap feud of the decade between Drake and Kendrick Lamar on a new episode of his common podcast A Safe Place. The outspoken Atlanta rapper attended his podcast with no medal and explained the fight from his perspective.

    Lil Yachty was surprised when Kendrick Lamar used his name on the “Euphoria” track the 24-year-old artist was caught off guard.

    “Honestly, I wanted no part in it,” Yachty told the producer during the podcast. “I really didn’t want anything to do with it,” Yachty confided to his producer during the podcast. “But suddenly, my phone blew up with calls and texts from friends. I knew my name was going to be mentioned, but I hadn’t even heard the record yet.”

    But Yachty found himself in a unique situation.

    “I’ve got a ton of respect for both Drake and Kendrick,” he explained. “Watching them go head-to-head was like witnessing a masterclass in rap. It was an honor and a blessing.”

    Yachty was interested in the feud between two cooler names in the rap world – Drake and Kendrick Lamar. For the rapper, it was a “cool thing” and an honor to see. Indeed, both Drake and Lamar had a considerable impact on the genre, and they were not afraid to prove it through their lyrics

    When asked about the winner of the feud, Yachty hesitated.

    “It’s a tough call,” he admitted. “Drake dropped some incredible records, but let’s be fair: people have always had mixed feelings about him. Kendrick came swinging with this apparent animosity, and the odds were stacked against Drake.”

    He believed it was a draw despite the prevailing sentiment against Drake, despite popular opinion.

    “Drake was already declared as the loser in this battle before it started because people don’t like him and haven’t. He can only get a push from those diss records and nothing more,” reasoned Yachty.

    Nonetheless, he was of the idea that Drake wasn’t going to lose everything because of it.

    “He won’t lose everything over this,” he asserted. “Drake’s career is like an unstoppable force. He’ll still dominate Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year and keep dropping hits. Kendrick played it smart, though—I don’t think Drake would disagree.”

    This isn’t to imply that the feud was only words; significant claims were made. There were people making some strong allegations against each other, including pedophilia and female abuse. Yachty, though, had nothing but skepticism for all such claims. He mentioned, “We will not have a battle like that again.” amid the rumors that tweet false flags and other sensational news topics. He was fully well aware of the seriousness.

    Lil Yachty revealed that he and Drake frequently collaborate behind the scenes.

    “We’ve got a good vibe,” Yachty grinned. “Working with him is like catching up with an old friend. We’re all part of this crazy rap family, after all.”

    As the feud unfolds, Lil Yachty’s unique perspective adds a fresh layer to the drama. Whether you’re Team Drake or Team Kendrick, one thing’s for sure: the rap game just got much more interesting.

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