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    Ari Lennox Isn’t Here For Your Black Shaming

    Ari Lennox doesn’t like being compared to a rottweiler, even if you think she’s sexy a one!!

    Dreamville artist Ari Lennox was compared to a rottweiler on twitter. Now her name and the word rottweiler are both trending. However, the “Shea Butter” singer quickly responded checking any and everybody comparing any black woman to a dog.

    A Twitter user posted  “Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor’s ability to have dangerously high sex appeal while simultaneously looking like rottweilers will always amaze me.” To which Ari Replied

    Ari would later go live on her Instagram to address the situation even further.

    The singer has faced ridicule before for her African American features and has adamantly defended her natural beauty. In the past, Lennox responded on twitter to people who were making comments about her nose. Stating  “How many times will y’all come for my black nose? It will never tf go anywhere. Y’all are disgusting and the reason people self medicate and get surgery. Just fuckin stop.” She would go to tweet how she would never get surgery and that she loves her nose.

    The latest Ari Lennox and Rottweiler comments have some users coming to the singer’s defense. While others are downplaying it as a random occurrence and pointing to how often people call Ari Beautifull.

    The fact is Ari has a point, any black man comparing a black woman to a dog is unacceptable.

    No matter how many people call Ari Lennox and Teyanna Taylor beautiful, outwardly bashing them for there natural features can not happen.

    At a time where African American features are considered “cute” on everybody else except the black community. Black people especially need to be sensitive to the language we use to talk about each other in public and in private.

    In her Instagram Video, Ari Lennox addressed how the black community is the only community to outwardly bash its women. This may not be all the way true, however, her point is felt. Black people disrespect our women in videos, in music, on social media, everywhere and it needs to stop.

    What do you guys think? Is comparing Ari Lennox to a rottweiler that bad? or is it ok because he acknowledges her sex appeal?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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