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    Are Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Davante Adams Really That Close?

    As of recent, star wide receiver, Davante Adams has been traded to the Las Vegas Raiders, reported ESPN . While Rodgers returned back to the Green Bay Packers Adams clearly did not. However, the most telling sign throughout the transaction between Adams and Rodgers was Adams leaving. 

    Due to Adams being franchise-tagged by the Packers, they were able to match any offer given to Adams or deny the trade entirely. Not only did the Packers match the trade by the Raiders, but they also exceeded the trade. Yet, Adams still chose to leave Green Bay, although, he was making more money and playing with a more talented quarterback. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is not a slouch by any means, nonetheless, there are levels in NFL.

    In so many words, Adams left a better situation for less talented players and less money. One could only assume, Rodgers had to play a part in this relationship falling apart. While there are no sources confirming the turmoil amongst the two, there are speculations and rumors being tossed throughout the league. 

    Adams remains in his prime and is signing a five-year $145 million contract with $67.5 million guaranteed.

    Davante Adams returning back home

    While rumor speculations amongst the two relationships continue to gain traction, Adams’s relationship with former college teammate, Carr, is immaculate. They seem to be really friends and once the news surfaced the Raiders embraced Adams with open arms. Ultimately, the Raiders sent over a first-round draft pick and a second-round pick in this year’s draft. 

    The respect for Davante Adams is on open display within the high value of draft picks given up to acquire him.

    “It’s never easy moving on from a player and person the caliber of Davante Adams. We have so much respect for all that Davante gave on and off the field during his eight seasons in Green Bay as he was integral to all that we’ve accomplished,” Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said. “He is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the storied history of the Packers. We look forward to him being enshrined into the Packers Hall of Fame one day. We wish nothing but the best for Davante, his wife Devanne, and the rest of their family moving forward.”

    The AFC West is mounting up to be one of the greatest divisions football has ever seen! The biggest moves made this offseason have come from the AFC WEST. It seems they all are attempting to gain a leg up amongst the competition. During the season, barring everyone staying healthy it will be must-see TV.

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