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    Ammo Stilo: Bridging the Gap Between the Corner and the Runway

    Fueled from a creative background, Ammo Stilo is a fearless and self expressive street wear brand evolving into a household name, and one that bridges the gap between the corner and the runway. Created by a group of young men, Jared Richardson, Trebor Adams, Tom “1Tyme” Clarke, Quan Cruise, Zaire and Eric Scott; Ammo Stilo has no boundaries. It is the opposite of simple and stands for fearless expression.

    In updated news of their brand, featuring Sonny Digital at their pop up shop with UBIQ, Ammo Stilo just recently launched their newest collection, the “WAVE”.

    Who inspired the creation of Ammo Stilo?

    We are our own unique entity building to pave our own way, however we admire Kanye for his free thinking. Kanye inspired the ascetic of our barrier breaking designs and the idea of creating your own.

    How is your brand different from others?

    We simply have a whole mentality of not being afraid to go against society norms. We embody a culture of creating our own brand and content and we aren’t afraid to step out. In addition to that, every piece tells a story. Its not just like we say okay we’re about to make a t-shirt because we think it looks cool. Everything is significant and behind everything we do, there’s a purpose. That’s really what makes us different.

    What figures have been seen wearing your brand?

    People from Dave East, Young Thug, Levi Carter, Lil Durk, G-Herbo, Uzi, Bankroll Fresh, Jaylen Strong, The FreshSide Twins, to Cold Heart Underwater Squad have been seen rocking Ammo Stilo.

    What’s an example of a story you told through your pieces?

    The Stilo Jacket was inspired by a mood. When you get flowers, it gives you a sense of joy. Other clothes of ours are usually loud and dark, but the jacket was a mixture of both. The jacket is reversible, so its like a yin-yang type of thing, you get the opposite as well. Most times my (Jared Richardson) mood is fuck America, but this was made after being in a happy place.

    What’s an example of your “Fuck America” piece?

    Our revolt trucker hat represents going against America. Trebor said, the entire discrimination movement is becoming so blatant and obvious so our reply was the same way. We acknowledged it loudly. We didn’t want our message to be hidden, but rather wanted it to be known that we live in a racist society, and to fuck America with three K’s (KKK).

    The hockey jersey is a representation of no one being perfect. We put a nun on there smoking a cigarette because its not typical to see a nun smoking or flawed for that matter, so we used that to symbolize the idea that no one is perfect.

    The basketball jersey was inspired by a NY vibe. We were at Rutgers park one day and it was just a nice day. The sun was out, people were playing basketball and enjoying life and we just wanted to embrace the whole NY mentality and capture that moment. A lot of our piece’s capture certain moments by honing in on a certain time, holding that exact feeling we had at that moment and then bring those moments into a reality and sharing them. Trebor says, similar to music, it’s a moment and time people talk about through their lyrics that other people can relate to. So the same with our clothes, we like to bring the moments to life that people can recognize and relate to. 1Tyme adds on and says, we like to look at our clothes as we look at music. Make sure your piece of art is always better than your last.

    We also wanted to play on the limited idea. We want to get people in tune with what we are are doing. If you miss out on a release and see a celebrity or one of your friend’s wearing it, now you have to make sure you are ready for the next thing because its not like we are going to make it again. We are always on a new WAVE, thinking of something different and innovative.

    What are your future goals?

    We plan to grow Ammo Stilo’s awareness, be heavily retailed ready,  and featured in larger boutiques in places such as New York, Paris and Tokyo. We don’t want the brand to just be everywhere, we want it to be exclusive to both national and international locations. Our major goal is to collaborate with Vogue and actually meet the runway. 2017, we are just going to take over more lanes outside of the fashion industry and expand our creativity. We all inspire each other, but we don’t just want to inspire each other, we want to inspire the world.

    Follow Ammo Stilo on Instagram at ammo_stilo and visit their site, to check out some of their hottest releases. 

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