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    Amber Rose A.K.A. “Captain Save a Hoe” Strikes Again

    America’s sweetheart Amber Rose sits down with Amanda Knox in an intimate discussion that delves into the dynamics of rape culture, feminine expression, and the sisterhood.

    In a candid conversation published by Broadly, Amanda Knox and popular figure Amber Rose dive into a deeper discussion on rape culture. The two women spoke on the acceptance of negative stereotypes of women who are sexually expressive, and the sexist tones in a culture that breeds women to be brutally competitive against one another.

    Both Knox and Rose have experienced their fair share of slut-shaming. Amanda who was formerly convicted by the Italian government expressed with Amber how she coped with the release of international press that targeted her identity. Having a similar encounter with the media, Amber then shared how public backlash inspired her to create her infamous SlutWalk. The rest of the conversation followed the pair bonding over their similar, yet unique experiences with Knox being crowned with one of Rose’s infamous Slut caps.

    Once more women come together in honest exchanges similar to these two, only then can an inclusive environment for all women begin to thrive – ‘slut’, ‘ho’, or otherwise.

    To view the entire interview, look below!

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