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    Alexis Branch latest single Gettin’ Money has created a dance wave movement on TikTok

    Visionaries live mentally inside a different universe than average humans.

    Listening to Alexis Branch’s music in real-time creates a hyper-unique euphoria and audio experience for listeners. Alexis Branch’s voice contains an unparalleled angelic softness, distinctiveness, and strength, creating a customized lance of creativity for her sound. Understanding how to use your voice is a ‘Jedi Mind’ trick that most artists never conquer in music.

    Alexis Branch’s DNA is a complex and rare combination of creative genius, abnormal emotional intelligence, unrivaled human connectivity, fearless energy, and divine leadership. Since birth, Alexis Branch’s life has been guided by divine light. Everything revolving around Alexis Branch’s life is based upon organic growth and natural progression.

    Gettin’ Money reflects Alexis Branch’s artistic mass appeal.

    Also her latest commercial release Gettin’ Money is a global empowerment anthem for men and women. Alexis has a ‘Midas Touch’ for selecting beats and crafting infectious hooks that engineers timeless music. Gettin’ Money is the ultimate dance and motivational track in 2023. Gettin’ Money combines the golden era of the 90s electric vibes infused with Generation Z energy.

    Lyrically, Gettin’ Money issues aspirational insight into the power of being financially independent, living your life without regret, and empowering the world with your God-given ability. Whether you’re getting ready to hit the gym, club, or a night out with your crew, Gettin’ Money is the perfect mood music of choice. Gettin’ Money is currently playing in heavy rotation on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI powered by iHeartRadio. 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI is an interactive division of RADIOPUSHERS.

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